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Mini  Alkaline Mama Detox Kit

Mini Alkaline Mama Detox Kit

           Same as the great Alkaline Mama Detox Kit but pint size, making it great for a quick weekend flush, emergency kit, and traveling companion. The MINI Alkaline Mama Detox Kit is a simple and very practical kit that promotes the removal and cleansing of toxins and removes wastes from the body. Your Mini Alkaline Mama Detox Kit is an Internal Spa Treatment that goes with you anywhere you go.



When your body is mineral deficient, the Alkaline Mama Detox Kit provides you enough nutrition to aid your body in for self-healing. It ensures that your body is not only receiving the best nutrition, but in the best ways possible. 

Alkaline Mama Detox Kit is the essential energy boost your body needs. Not only great to help you maintain a well-nourished balanced body daily, and it also to be used for your seasonal deep cleansing habits.



  • Nettle, Elderberry and Agave.

    Disclaimer: Alkaline Mama’s original and unique formulas are proprietary blends and may contain ingredients not listed here.
    FDA does not test these types of Plant Food Supplements because they are not drugs/medicine, they are not intended to treat, cure or heal any disease without proper diet. Please consult with your health care professional before use


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