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5 Pack Alkaline Smoke Blend

5 Pack Alkaline Smoke Blend

“Smoking is dangerous to your health” – except… Most folks don’t realize that smoking can actually be good for their lungs, depending on how and what you are inhaling. 


Our Alkaline Smoke Blend is safe to smoke and can be enjoyed as tea as well! Combined with our Internal Spa Treatment smoking techniques, it can help you avoid discomforts while smoking and make your smoking experience more therapeutic.


  • Why Smoke or TEA?

    The Alkaline Smoke Blend is made from plants such as Mullein, Damiana and Rose.

    According to health and wellness experts, the Mullein plant is a safe and powerful respiratory tonic that helps to free up the lungs, soothing irritation, and dryness. It can also be used to treat cough, whooping cough, tuberculosis, cold, fever, and a lot more. 

    Damiana when inhaled, travels directly to the reproductive organs helping to increase oxygen flow, improving their overall performance. It’s an herb that can reach your heart with love, and uplifting spirit. Suitable for great brain power, helping to improve mental health function. 

    Rose, a beautiful flower, always signifies, or is identified with love and beauty. The aim of the Alkaline Smoke Blend is to provide you with a journey into peace, happiness and to help you discover the deepest love within yourself.