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Virtual Detox Party

Alkaline Mama Group Detox Party
Fri, Aug 26
, 2022

It's time to get Healthy LIT!

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Which Party Pack works best for you?

The Warrior Detox PARTY PACK - To Charge Up with the Alkaline Mama Detox Kit, while you Turn Up with Alkaline Roots, so you can Stay Healthy LIT!

Ideal for folks dealing with mild to severe health complications.

Mini Warrior Detox PARTY PACK - The same as the warrior pack, but smaller.

Ideal for folks looking for a quick reset.

Detoxed LIT PARTY PACK - The same as the warrior pack, but for a Party of 5!

Ideal for folks looking share the Healthy LIT experience with loved ones.


Each PARTY PACK includes:

  • Access to the Virtual Group Detox Party - Link sent in email prior to the event.

  • Detoxed LIT Swag Bags - So you can sip luxuriously with Mama.

  • The Alkaline Mama Detox Party BOOK - to assist you with enjoying your Healthy LIT journey

  • 1 Week Seasonal Challenge Guide - End of summer, We FRUIT FEASTING! (Yum!)


Choose Your Party Pack!

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