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Detoxed Lit PARTY PACK

Detoxed Lit PARTY PACK


Party Bundles – Healthy LIT Detox Parties

The Alkaline Mama Detox Party bundles are designed to use various Internal Spa Treatments to put you in the emotional mindset to pamper yourself, connecting you with your spirit, and activating your higher self.

Alkaline Mama’s Party Bundles are unique as they are designed to help you “Stay Healthy Lit” while detoxing. Each party package includes all of Alkaline Mama products in various amounts, to help people enjoy Alkaline Mama Detox Party alone or with loved ones.  Party bundles can be used for individuals, family and friends and business associates to have fun together while cleansing.


Contact us to have Alkaline Mama host your party! We getting LITTY!!!

  • The Alkaline Tooth Powder helps prevent your system from consuming small particles of acidic tooth paste that enter the body through your skin which are unintentionally swallowed, invading the gut. It uses herbs like Myrhh that are known to help to prevent your tooth from decaying, repair your teeth and rebuild enamel.

    Alkaline Roots TEA helps clear the pathway, increasing the flow of oxygen and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It uses herbs that are known to increase immunity, cleanse the blood and improve movement within the body. Overall is a great ‘feel good’ tea.

    God/Goddess Strength are designed to give a high-powered boost of nutrients directly to the blood, allowing it to travel through your entire system quickly to electrically charge your life force. The herbs within both God and Goddess strength are known to reverse sexually transmitted diseases and infections, improve reproduction. enhance sexual performance and increase stamina.

    Our AM / PM Support help you get a higher quantity of herbs while skipping the taste. They’re so mineral pact that t takes about 14 days for the body to process all its nutrients! However, you will begin noticing some of the effects right away.
    AM Support uses herbs that are known to detoxify your upper body, gives you all minerals your body needs and allows you start your day with natural energy and great focus.
    PM Support uses herbs that are known to detoxify the lower body, killing parasites and improving digestion, helping you enjoy pleasant relaxation at night.

    The Moss Boss is a best friend to Alkaline Roots TEA and Alkaline fruit juices, it helps them travel throughout the body with an extra smooth consistency. The Mos Boss has been verified by Alkaline Mama to be authentic, wild crafted Jamaican Sea Moss. It is rich concentration of fiber, aids digestion, prevents heart diseases due to low cholesterol, removes toxins and decalcifies the entire body.

    Happy Lungs Alkaline Smoke Blend Alkaline Herbs is safe to smoke and can be enjoyed as tea as well! Either way, combined with our Internal Spa Treatment smoking techniques, your lungs enjoy a therapeutic experience.

    Alkaline Roots Alkaline Roots is and Herbal Lituation that was designed to make your body feel electrified, lighting up your spiritual power with over 20 Alkaline herbs and spice! Giving you a good cleanse while also helping you enjoy a nice buzz without any added alcohol.

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