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Black Thanksgiving

Performer Application

Thanks so much for your interest in being one of our Black Thanksgiving Performers.

We are looking for talented artists who can entertain our guests with conscious lyrics, spoken words, comedy & anything else that will elevate their minds &  make them fell good!

Additionally we are offering artist an opportunity to win

$2,000, by participating in our Black Trillionaire contest, adding you creative twist to The Official Reparations Song

"Trillion Dollas" by Alkaline Mama.

Please submit the form below then email me a snippet of the art you'd like to share using "BT Performer" in the subject line.

After we choose the best Black Thanksgiving performers you will receive an acceptance email and can earn 50% on any tickets

you sell, so be on the look out!

Performer Application

Thanks for submitting!

Take a stab at  the $2,000 Grand Prize,
Join the Black Trillionaire Contest!

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