Why 100% Black Owned?

It is our mission is to show our people that, like ALL other races have mastered, we have everything we need in order to be a self-sufficient thriving Black community, just like our ancestors did. We aim to help 100% Black Owned Businesses succeed in order to help Black People get out of their poverty status, so they can build generational wealth to pass down to our children.

The only way we can ensure this is by making sure that the businesses we work with are 100% Black Owned.

What's the big deal?

For the purpose of gaining our attention to either get money from us, mislead us or steal our identities, a large amount of white people have come up with a few modern versions of Black Face, which is essentially just them hiding in the shadows, while getting Black people to do their dirty work.

One of the most popular versions of modern day Black Face includes white people paying Black people to be the face of their company rather as a employee, model, actor, news reporter, spokesperson or business partner, giving them small ownership within the business, etc. This includes using Black people, Black issues and/or Black culture/themes to sell their products.

Seeing this increase of Black on Black support, they have reeved up their desperate attempts to keep our Black dollars and attention by creating companies that target Black people by seeming Black Owned.

Who would ever think Blackpeoplemeets.com wouldn’t be owned by a 100% Black Owned Business? We’ll it’s not.

I’ve also discovered many “black” IG/FB accounts ran by white people.

It’s basically Black identity cat-fishing!!!

But why would they do this? Because they understand our power! They know that the Black dollar is the most powerful dollar there is!! They also understand the power our influence has on our people and the entire world!

They want to be in control of our narrative so they can keep all our resources.

They know that the only way they can influence us or get our support is by either force (laws, brainwashing, company rules etc) or by paying us (endorsement deals, movies, tv shows etc) or pretending to be us (Kim Kardashian, Fake Jews, Blackpeoplemeets). So they’re always hiding in our shadows in all forms of white owned media! Hence why we’re seeing them go crazy trying to gain control by hushing accounts like mine on social media, where they’re unable to be in the shadows thus have no control over the narrative.

What is a 100% Certified Black Owned Business

A Certified Black Owned Business is a business that is 100% owned by full bred Homosapien/Black/African people.

Genetics show that Africans aka Homo-sapiens are the creator of all human life. During migration we mixed bred with another species, the Neanderthal, this is how Europeans and Asian race were created. 

All partners/owners of the business must be 100% African/Homo-sapien.

Descendants of Africa were the  first to occupy many areas of the world and are also known as Native Americans and Indians.

Black/African people are defined as people who have fully African 

parents, grand parents and great grand parents, because it takes three generations for the African genetic code to be restored to normal after mix breeding.

Africans married outside of their race are not allowed to be a Certified BOB simply because it will no longer be a 100% Black Owned Business and goes against our mission statement.

A Certified BOB can-not be in an agreement with a non-African establishment that entitles that establishment to the rights to take over the business in any capacity. This includes but is not limited to bank loans.

For the safety of our business and our community we do an identity check to ensure the authenticity of all businesses who wear the Certified BOB logo.

Sign up to join the CertifiedBOB.com family, together we will practice group economics and build a strong Black community just like our ancestors did.

*Site updates coming soon! Xoxo - Dev, AlkalineMama

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