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Charge Up with the AlkalineMama Detox Kit while you Turn Up with Alkaline Roots to STAY HEALTHY LIT!

Enjoy Internal Spa Treatments,
Experience a luxury Internal Bath.

Charge Up

The Alkaline Mama Detox Kit

Our Alkaline Mama Detox Kit is a 6-part Internal Spa Treatment system that has everything you need to detox and refresh your entire body!


Rebalance your hormones, improving reproductive abilities and enhance sexual performance.

ProdCon God.png
ProdCon Goddess.png

Rebalance your hormones, improving reproductive abilities and enhance sexual performance.

The best way to start your day! Giving your body natural energy, great focus and your daily minerals

ProdCon  AM open.png
ProdCon  PM open.png

End your night by aiding your body in digestion and destroy all toxins that have accumulated throughout the years.

Enjoy a deep Internal Body Wash that improves overall health allowing for better oxygen flow throughout the body, resulting in a better Rise or Sunset.

ProdCon AR TEA body.png
ProdCon BOSS body.png

Use together with other Internal Spa Treatments to enjoy the best Internal Conditioner, helping you remineralize & detox the whole body.

Enjoy oral health care that can repair your teeth, relieve pain & help eliminate bad breath!

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Turn Up

Alkaline Roots Herbal Lituations

Our Alkaline Roots Herbal Lituations take the boring out of Healthy. Celebrate life, Stay Healthy LIT!

alkalinemama 35.png
12 pack 23 (1).png

Unwind & get LITTY, enjoy a deep cleanse on an electric buzz, without any added alcohol!

Smoke it, Drink it, Sprinkle it over your weed? Whatever you do, you’ll have Happy Lungs.

ProdCon SB.png

#StayHealthy LIT!

Alkaline Rppts Hebal Litutations
Alkaline Mama Detox Kit



"Excellent Products"

"ALKALINEMAMA.COM meets our needs perfectly. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and family."



"Life Changing"

"I am glad to have come by ALKALINEMAMA.COM. Fantastic products, Many many thanks to you."


Bundle & Save

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Who is Alkaline Mama?

African Health Coach & 100% B.O.B Coordinator

After learning the Black Community was in need of physical, spiritual, & financial healing it became my mission to connect us with the highest quality of products & experiences to propel us in creating generational wealth for Black families

and the overall planet.

About Mama

Detoxing made easier, and all the way LIT up!

Join Mama's Blog for African Spiritual, Physical and Financial Health tips!

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