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This is a personal challenge where you'll pamper yourself with Internal Spa Treatments right inside of the comfort of your home, at your own pace and on your own time.

To simplify things so you can focus on pampering I have designed these cleansing packages to provide you with a deep intracellular cleanse following the AlkalineMama Eats guidelines.   

To enter our contest to win the AlkalineMama Detox Kit

first read the contest rules below

then fill out the form.        

Contest Rules

To enter the Prove Your Black Lives Matter Contest you must..

1. Be following @Alkalinemama on IG and FB.

2. Must like the post on those pages and have tagged 3 friends.

3.Must have reposted the flyer above on your IG & FB pages, it must stay up for the duration of the contest, using hashtag #ProveYourBLM

4. Be 18 years or older.

5. Live in the United States.

6. This a contest to Prove our Black Lives Matter. However, if you're a Non persons of color that would like to prove that BLM's to you by joining this challenge, you're more than welcome! We are accepting $200+ donations with your submission.

Lots of Luck!

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