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Alkaline Body Essentials

Pamper yourself with Internal Spa Treatments 

After cleansing your body of pounds of toxic waste, you'll enjoy an unbelievable total-body transformation that will help you blossom into your best self!

HealThy Self

Start your 30 day cleanse today!

APU Cleanse

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Alkaline Cleansing Package

Here's the blueprint to
making cleansing sexy!
Enjoy our

Independent Cleanse 





February 1 - 28

Let us help make cleansing a breeze!
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Enjoy our

Guided Cleanse





February 1 - 28

You deserve to
be spoiled rotten!!!
Enjoy our

Pampered Cleanse





February 1 - 28

Juice with Herbal Cocktails 


Our Alkaline Roots Cocktail Juice Plan features our signature Alkaline Roots Cocktails, made virgin, so you can feel your sexiest while enjoying your

Internal Spa Treatments!


Since you don't get to enjoy the delicious healing herbs included in a bottle of Alkaline Roots, we provide you with our Alkaline Roots Tea Blend included in each order!

 No worries fam, we know you want to get litty, so we will gift you a bottle of Alkaline Roots to enjoy at the finish line!!

Until then, enjoy feeling sexy while you cleanse!

AR Juice Plan

The Alkaline Roots Juice Plan is included in our Pampered cleansing package at no additional cost.

However, it can also be purchased a la cart here

 AlkalineMama Detox Kit

Detox Kit

Our  AlkalineMama Detox Kit

is a total body detox that includes 6 products

that will detox and renew your whole body.

The AM Capsules detoxes your upper respiratory and gives you your daily minerals.

The PM Capsules focuses on detoxing the colon and killing parasites.


Alkaline Sex Tonic, which detoxes your sex organs while rebuilding them at the same time. 

The Moss Boss, our Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss, to decalcify the body and remove toxins.


Our Herbal Bath Treatment so you can relax in a spiritual bath while pulling toxins from the skin, our biggest organ.

The AlkalineMama Detox Kit is included in our Guided & Pampered cleansing packages at no additional cost.

However, it can also be purchased a la cart here


With 92 of 102 minerals found in the human body

our Moss Boss is one of the most nutritious  foods on the Planet!

  • Multi Mineral

  • Strengthens Bones 

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Removes Mucus 

  • Reverses Disease

Safe for pregnant woman, infants & all!

Order the Alkaline Mama Wild Crafted Moss Boss today!

Sea Moss

Don't delay healing....


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