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Enjoy a nice buzz while healing your body with

over 20 Dr. Sebi approved herbs & spices,

sweetened with agave.

Naturally alkaline, organic & preservative free!

Get lit the Sebian way!

Get juicy with our

Alkaline Roots Herbal Cocktails!

Our Alkaline Roots Herbal Cocktail Juice Plan features our 3 signature Alkaline Roots Cocktails, made virgin and infused with our Alkaline Roots Tea Blend, so you can feel your sexiest while enjoying your

Internal Spa Treatments!

  (No worries fam... we know you want to get litty too,

so we will gift you a FREE bottle of Alkaline Roots to enjoy at the finish line!

Until then, enjoy feeling sexy while you cleanse! :)

Alkaline Roots benefits?



Blood purifier.                     Anti-inflammatory 

Eczema                                Anti-oxidant

Acne.                                    Anti-fungus




Yellow dock

Blood purifier                      Anti-bacterial

Liver cleanser                     Anti-inflammatory

Gallbladder cleanser         Anti-oxidant




Removes toxins.                 Anti-inflammatory.  

Rheumatoid arthritis.        Anti-cancer   

Joint pain                            Anti-oxidant

Headaches.                        Anti-ulcer



Immunity booster.            Anti-inflammatory 

Treats cold.                        Anti-viral

Remove mucus.                Ant- cancer

Allergies                             Anti-influenza

Treat flu



Diabetes                              Anti-oxidant

Asthma                               Anti-cancer

Anemia                               Anti-inflammatory

Hair loss

Sore muscles

and of course it'll get you litty!!

Put down the cigs! 

Try our Alkaline Roots

Happy Lungs Alkaline Smoke Blend instead! :)

Did you know The Most High made several herbs, in addition to marijuana that actually sooths your lungs while smoking?

Well our Happy Lung Alkaline Smoke Blend is filled with beautiful herbs like Damiana and Hemp, the original CBD.

100% Alkaline, THC Free, Fronto replacing, weed enhancing, chest soothing fun. 


Try it today!