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Black Thanksgiving

Vendor Application

Thanks so much for your interest in Vending this Black Thanksgiving!

This is not only a great opportunity for you to make good money on Black Friday, but to be a part of our Black Trillionaire network and help build generational wealth for Black people!

This year we are sharing the Black Thanksgiving experience physically and virtually. To help you earn more, we reward guests that support your brand, and you will receive up to 50% on all tickets you sell!

Our mission is to show our people that we already have everything we need!

So, we encourage you to invite everyone you know to attend as guest or to be a part of our team of Vendors, Sponsors, Performers/Speakers etc.

There will be opportunities for both guest and our team to increase streams of incomes for their families, so invite EVERYONE.

After we select the best Black Thanksgiving vendors to display the versatility of our community, if approved you will receive an invoice with the $150 vendor fee, which must be paid immediately to secure your spot.

The Early Bird 50% off sale ends August 1st, do not wait!

Spaces are limited & selling fast.

6ft Vending Table available for $25. 

Payments will be processed an email will be sent with further instructions. 

Thank you so much for submitting your application below.

Together we will change history Circulating Black!


Vendor Application
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