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Alkaline Power Up

30 day Cleanse

This is a personal challenge where you'll pamper yourself with Internal Baths while using Alkaline Minerals and enjoying Internal Spa Treatments from the comfort of your home, at your own pace and on your own time!

To simplify things so you can focus on pampering, I have designed my Alkaline Cleansing Packages to provide you with a deep Intracellular Cleanse using Dr. Sebi's proven guidelines. 

Get juicy with our Alkaline Roots Cocktails

Alkaline Roots Cocktails sent straight to your door!

Our Alkaline Roots Juice Plan features our signature Alkaline Roots Cocktails, so you can feel your sexiest while cleansing and enjoying your

Internal Spa Treatments!

No, we won't be able to spike them with a bottle of Alkaline Roots while cleansing... but, we will most definitely, pop that bottle to celebrate at the finish line!

 AlkalineMama Detox Kit

Our  AlkalineMama Detox Kit

is a total body detox that includes 5 products that'll renew your entire system and leave you feeling the best you ever have!!!


The AlkalineMama Detox Kit is included in our Guided & Pampered cleansing packages at no additional cost.

However, it can also be purchased a la cart here

Alkaline Cleansing Package

Choose your plan...