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Fight your lower self and win!
Unlock your spiritual power to manifest and attract the life you desire.
From your health & sexy body goals to the financial freedom to attain any and everything you want for yourself and your loved ones.
It's time to remove the blockages holding you back from your greatness.
Let's cleanse and get this money boo!

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Enjoy an Alkaline Mama Detox Party

Mini Warrior

For a light effective detox


For a deeper express detox

Detoxed LIT

Detoxing with loved ones

Elevate your Higher Self

Warrior Detox - The essential Internal Spa Treatments you need to Charge Up, and Turn Up the heat of healing, celebrating every milestone as you elevate to your Higher Self!

Spiritual Cleanse - As a child of The Most High connecting with your God/Goddess Strength uplifts your spirit, making it easier to get through any obstacles! Together, we make that connection even stronger as we work together towards a common goal.

Jumpstart your Alkaline Healing - Rather you're enjoying the Alkaline for cleansing or choosing to make it a lifestyle, we are going to make it a Healthy LIT jumpstart baby!

Expedite the Healing Process - You are your own doctor, I'm only here to help you get to your goals a little quicker by Alka-Remixing Your Culture!

Group Support & Encouragement - Doing things together makes it more fun, especially with shots of Alkaline Roots!


HealThy Fam

Detox LIT

A family that heals together.... Stays Healthy LIT, and PAID y'all!
Get them tickets to learn more.

Tickets are limited. Buy NOW!
Sales End Aug 15th. So seriously, Buy NOW fam!

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