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Pampered Cleanse


Enjoy all the perks from our Guided Cleanse PLUS, you'll get to sit back and enjoy our Freshly made Alkaline Juices, Herbal Teas plus and Alkaline Body Kit!


  • You deserve to be spoiled rotten!

    Free eBook

    Recipes for juice, herbal latte's, soups+

    Meal Plan

    Customizable Schedule

    We'll do the shopping f & meal prep for you!

    Private FB group online support

    4 Encouragement Coaching Sessions

    Fasting Journal

    AlkalineMama Detox Kit:

    AM & PM Alkaline Herb Capsules

    Male or female Alkaline Herb Tonic 

    Alkaline Herbal Bath Treatment

    Alkaline Sex Tonic


    The Moss Boss (Sea Moss)

    We'll make your...

    3 flavors of fully brewed Alkaline Tea

    3 flavors of Fresh Alkaline Juice

    Alkaline Body Kit:

    Alkaline Face, Hands and Foot Scrub

     Alkaline Body Butter

    No refunds needed.