Why is it important to cleanse?

Cleansing is simply an internal bath. Most of us have never heard of this concept so we take advantage of our body's natural abilities to eliminate toxins but we seldom consider how often we should be eliminating them. The facts are that we should be eliminating within minutes of eating a meal. So, if you eat 3 meals per day you should be going to the bathroom 3 times a day as well. With this knowledge, can you imagine what may be happening inside of the body of the average person, which only goes to the bathroom once a day - if that...

What do you think happens to the food you're not eliminating? 

If you're not going to the bathroom regularly, isn't it safe to assume that the food doesn't just magically disappear within our bodies? So where does it go? 

The food has to go somewhere... So our bodies will store that waste in other areas of our bodies. For some of us that may be our stomach, arms, face (acne), or even our blood! Isn't it safe to say that having toxic waste clogged up inside of our bodies would cause physical insecurities, discomfort and disease within the body? I mean let’s be real! You have blocked up waste (POOP!) stored inside your body... have you smelled that stuff?? And I know you've had times where the waste inside your body had running to the bathroom! Didn't that release of toxic waste have you enjoying a sigh of relief while smiling at the ceiling and thanking God you made it?Think about that pain in your belly before you used the bathroom. It's only natural that clogged up waste will cause some discomfort and dis-ease within the body.

With our unfortunate increased exposure to acidic, toxic, lab made, chemically filled, GMO, non-organic and processed foods cleansing is more important than ever- the question is how? Well let’s think about it; if our bodies are not eliminating waste and it’s becoming clogged up inside, shouldn't we assist our bodies with breaking down these toxins so they can be eliminated? Take for example your average kitchen drain. If it were clogged up you’d typically purchase a drain cleaning product to pour into the drain to break down the waste and flush it. Aren’t those drain cleaning products usually liquids? Similar to the drain, our bodies need certain liquids to help breakdown and flush waste as well, that’s where the internal bath comes in. Drain cleaning products for someone like you or me would include: natural alkaline herbs, to eliminate waste from the body, natural alkaline spring water, to flush out this waste and alkaline minerals and to add back the nutrients lost during elimination.  

Internal baths are considered a liquid fast.

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