Why I follow Dr. Sebi?

I don't follow NO ONE blindly.

Outside of the fact that the mans has hundreds of thousands of living advocates with easily accessible testimonies & the facts that his methodology has been proven to cure every disease known to man in the NY supreme court.,, I follow Dr. Sebi because my body said so!

Trust me, when I tell you it was NOT a choice of my own!

I actually did every single thing I could to avoid fully committing to Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guidelines, because it seemed very limiting, unfamiliar and boring to me at first glance. Lol

Fortunately for me though, I learned about Dr. Sebi early into my health journey.

I am forever grateful for that because I am very confident if vegan was the end of my journey I would’ve went back to eating meat.

Now, relax vegans, let me explain… first by saying that I am vegan, not for my health but for the animals. Even though the Alkaline diet does not permit eating any animal products either, it’s main focus is personal growth & the animals luck up and benefit as well, YAY!

For ethical reasons though, I go beyond food and do not purchase any animal products what so ever, because somewhere on my journey I learned the truth about the way peoples “food” are treated and didn’t want to be a beneficiary of animal slavery, kid-knapping, rape and murder.

It feels especially wrong as a Black woman, knowing my people are still fighting for these very basic rights today.

So, I do purposely shop for vegan items like non-leather seats on my car etc, but I am not an extremist in a way where I would judge someone else who chose to wear or eat animal products. I simply pray for their awakenings and keep it pushing..

My struggle

The reason I say that I would’ve went back to eating meat if veganism was the end of the journey is because my initial goal was to feel my best. My respect (not love) for the animals developed during the few short years I enjoyed veganism. Being vegan did make me feel a lot better than I did as a meat eater. But I was far from feeling my best.

However, I really enjoyed my vegan faze because it opened my eyes to the fact that the flavors I used to associate with animals was actually just plants, which ultimately made it easier to let go of animal products. Unfortunately though, as a vegan I was constantly fighting with mucus and that wasn’t cool!

Being that I met Dr. Sebi’s methodology early on in my journey I always kept his strategies in the back of my mind. So even though I would be eating mucus forming vegan foods, I would still use Alkaline Healing Herbs and do fasts to cleanse my system. It was my thoughts that I could live a 80% Alkaline lifestyle and enjoy 20% Vegan junk. Well…. My body dubbed that idea pretty hard, but I def rebelled against it for a long time… Until I was finally tired of feeling sick!

My family could tell you about the constant self-abuse I complained about, desperate to hold on to some level of normalcy by eating vegan foods…

I’ll never forget the day my brother and I was heading to my fav Trini spot for some palouri.

I was talking his ear off about how silly I was for going to buy this snack knowing I was going to be in pains after. He asked me, well then why are we even going and I replied like idc idc idc I love palouri so I’m going to eat it anyway. I was taken aback when he said to me “if you’re going to cheat on myself how can I ever expect a man to be faithful to”, smh, that crap hit me so hard!

Breads & hybrid veggies were the hardest for me to give up on because of my lack of understanding as to why specifically these things were restricted from Dr. Sebi’s diet. (They’re super high in sugar & starch)

I remember thinking, so what if hybrid foods came from man – God created man and tells man what to do soooooooo why can’t I eat man’s food? lol

It took me a while before I realized that what most people don’t want to tell you is that the man they’re referring to is the devil and his objective is to go against God/Nature.

Those hybrid foods, they’re making literally in laboratories, do contain some nutrients since they use God’s food as the base & they also look and taste really good, but the chemicals added during hybridation makes them extremely poisonous and harmful to our bodies and they also cause a lot of mucus.

Best example of this would be garlic. Lots of studies show that garlic is good for you because it lowers blood pressure. What they don’t tell you is that garlic is highly acidic with a PH of 3 & even though it will unclog your arteries, it will also eat away at your membrane. Smh.

So unfortunately if you’re eating Acidic foods you’re getting both good and bad properties in your food. With Alkaline, it’s just good. : )

Finally, The Alkaline.

The best day of my life happened when I realized I didn’t have to let go of my beloved bread when switching to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide! It made me realize the challenge with committing to Dr. Sebi’s lifestyle isn’t really about letting go of certain things because it doesn’t require you to give up on the flavors or textures of your favorite foods! It’s simply about being creative and remixing your meals with higher quality ingredients! #AlkalizeYourCulture!

Once you became good at Alkalizing several of your favorite dishes, committing to the Alkaline lifestyle becomes a breeze!

Now I’d be a liar if I said I don’t miss eating certain things I enjoyed as a meat eater or vegan. However, the pains I get after I eat those things are the reason I follow Dr. Sebi, because they’re are simply not worth it to me anymore!

Instead of cheating on myself I get my butt in the kitchen and practice practice practice until I have perfected remaking that things I lusted over, in the Alkaline way!

Alkalinity is a completely guilt free way of eating because when I say no one was harmed, it includes me as well as the animals and environment!

If you’re still nervous about starting an alkaline lifestyle because it seems so limiting, the best way I could put it is… if you can still get trippy & enjoy a nice buzz by sipping on some Alkaline Roots as an Sebian, the lifestyle isn’t as limiting as it seems.

Give it a real try. Perfect at least three of your fav dishes and you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time. There’s several FREE Alkaline recipes in Facebook groups & YouTube plus, you can Check out my what I eat in a day blog for inspiration.

Our community is very loving and supportive so trust me, you’re not alone on this journey! The best part is the more our Sebian community grows the more recipes we’ll have at our finger tips and the sooner it’ll be that there’s nothing left to lust over!

I started putting my body first, it lead me to Dr. Sebi and that’s where I’m going to stay.