The Prove Your BLM Cleansing Process

Hey Fam, So excited as we prepare for our upcoming cleanse and wanted to share a little bit more about the methods to my madness so you'll know what to expect on our cleanse!

What's in store...

My cleanses are unique because we use my specially formulated cleansing system, Internal Spa Treatments. Which teaches you how to dig deeper into your cleanse so you can yield greater results. All while keeping it as sexy and enjoyable as possible!

In addition to Recipes, Meal Plans and Shopping Lists for during and after your cleanse, we will take all the hassle away by preparing all your Alkaline Herbal Teas and Juices for you! Plus, you'll not only get online support but 1 on 1 access to my licensed life coach Vanessa Bourhane, who will be there to help you overcome any weak moments. So trust me, our Alkaline Cleansing Packages will make sure you have all the tools you'll need to make it to the end of the cleanse!

The Cleansing Process:

The first week of all my cleanses are always the most intense as we go from Acid to Alkaline, because I don't have no time to be playing around with this Mucus Monster! He is the cause of EVERY disease known to man that's has been encroaching inside of our bodies for over 400 years and umm... the sucka gotta go!!!

We will jumpstart our cleanse with 2 extra PM Capsules from the AlkalineMama Detox Kit for the first 3 days of our cleanse, which provide a powerful colon cleanse, so its highly recommended you stay home for these 3 days as you will practically live in the bathroom! There after, we will continue the normal cleansing regimen drinking our gallon of Spring Water daily and Alkaline Herbal Teas etc, which by now will be a lot easier for you.

Warning: This week you will lose a lot of weight!!! My slim folk who don't have the extra weight to spare, don't worry, we can easily bulk back up next week by enjoying the Alkaline Weight Gainers Shake found in my Alkaline Cleansing Packages and for those of you who want to keep the pounds off, we have you covered too with our Weightloss Tea recipe!

The second week of our cleanse is basically my fav because now we get to double up on The Moss Boss!!! It'll probably only take one sip of my Alkaline Herbal Latte recipe before you too are obsessed lol, but flavor aside, once you feel the power of The Moss Boss you will never want to go another day without it! Plus we'll be able to enjoy Alkaline Ice Creams and other great recipes from my Alkaline Herbal Cafe recipes so it's just really going to be lots of fun!

Now its time to Break-Fast. Breaking Fast is one of the most important steps in cleansing and must be handled with care! By now your body has become accustomed to only consuming liquid meals.

You must prepare your body to enjoy solid foods in stages, like a baby, otherwise you will cause your body to be in a lot of pain or worst... I will share with you the best steps for Breaking Fast and to getting your body ready for The Alkaline so you can come out and enjoy our Alkaline BBQ Potluck we're having to celebrate completing our cleanse! (Don't wait to grab your tickets!)

The Alkaline. That beautiful heartbeat that you see in my logo represents exactly what life is like when you make it to the last step of your transition and are enjoying a fully Alkaline, 100% Dr. Sebi Approved Lifestyle.

You see... before Dr. Sebi brought awareness that The Most High created a specific diet for the African Biology. We we're lost and extremely ill consuming the foods giving to us by our slave masters.

We were alive, but we were not living. That flat line received its first breath of air once we found Dr Sebi and learn that theres hope for us.

No, we don't have to live with an illness for the rest of our lives! No, we don't have to be unhappy with the way our bodies look or feel! No, we are never too old to turn back the clock and take back control of our lives! Because, Yes, God's Medicine is stronger than any poison any man could ever make! Shoot, even the conventional chemical sprayed Alkaline Veggies are strong enough to make a break through and still heal our bodies! So trust me, once you have filled you body with the enough air and are ready to commit to the Alkaline lifestyle you'll finally get to truly live life at its finest, the way the Most High intended for you.

For most of us, there will be a few ups and downs before we're ready to let go of the theories of the past which leave us bound and yearning for foods that are detrimental to our body. That's normal. The blessing is, like everyone else, you WILL get through it! The funny thing is though, once you get there you'll see how simple it always was and proooobably wanna kick yourself for over complicating things, lol... but you'll have me there super proud of you, waiting to pop open a bottle of Alkaline Roots to celebrate your huge accomplishment!!!! And no worries... I'm confident the tools provided in my cleansing packages will really help you transition with ease! So don't delay your healing, lets get started! Join our cleanse today!.

Join us as we defeat the Mucus Monster!

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