The Power of Group Economics.

The power of Group Economics.

The "Jewish" community is able to circle their dollars amongst themselves for 21 days while Africans circulate our dollars for 6 mins. 21 days without having to purchase anything outside of your community means that like us, the Jewish community offers all the daily essentials a community would need in order to survive. However, the big difference between us and them is, they practice group economics and have loyalty for each other’s brands.

Being able to circulate the Black dollar means we'll be able to afford to work for ourselves, support our families, build generational wealth, enjoy lavish vacations, own our homes Free & Clear, spoil ourselves in the hottest Black owned luxury brands and basically just do whatever we want!

This is why it is so important for us to connect with and support one another!

We’ve been told for years that in order to start a new business the first thing you want to do is put yourself in debt, by getting a loan you can’t even guarantee you’ll be able to pay back! This way of thinking sets us back for several reasons.

One, the system is setup where most of us won’t qualify for the loans and those of us who do, will have extremely high interest rates. Two, no one can predict the future, no matter how amazing your business idea may sound, it’ll take time to bring in a steady flow of revenue. Three, because of the loan it’ll be years before your net worth will increase.

I like to take the “crawl” before you ball approach. In other words, live within your means and expand when you can! Once you’ve established a good foundation for your business the next step would be to build your network and connect with other 100% Black Owned Businesses whom offer products and services that align with yours. Some of the most successful Black businesses I know started inside of the comfort of their homes and used this method to blossom into store fronts.

Group Economics is simply pulling money and other resources together to work towards a goal. Other races were successful at Group Economics by sharing amongst themselves so we need to do the same if we want to share the same success. We can grow much further than just one store and create multiple streams of income, if we practice group economics.

Group economics examples:

A) Individually 10 hair stylist who built a solid foundation of loyal customers for themselves put up $10,000 each. Now they have enough to start a corporation and buy a salon without needing to get a business loan and have automatic cash flow from their old clients, which is guaranteed to attract new clients.

B) Individually 10 new Chef’s put up $1,000 each. Now they have enough to start a corporation and buy a food truck so they can build clients, while saving up to buy a store front.

C) A 100% Black Business Owner creates a business selling tooth brushes made out of 100% hemp. He builds a network with other 100% BOB’s that sell natural products like tooth paste, floss and mouth wash. Together they partner up and purchase a corporation, then begin selling their products under one brand to different 100% Black Owned dental offices.

D) Several teachers decides to quit their job after learning they would be forced to teach elementary school kids about sex. Mrs. Brown learns that there are a lot of parents who want to take their kids out of the school system but are unable to homeschool them. She wants to open up a day care for children up to 12th grade.

She starts to build her network with not only her old colleagues who taught reading and math etc, but with kids fitness trainers, gardeners, artist, and Alkaline nutritionists etc. Together they learn the laws of operating a daycare & the best ways to get funding in their state, start a corporation and create home school curriculum's to offer the upset parents a safe space for their children to learn.

How can you get involved?

Now, the Key most essential aspect of Group economics is…. YOU HAVE TO WORK AS A GROUP! Lol, seriously, no one person can be out here doing it big by themselves! So I ask fam, that y’all put in that work required to help our family get out of our financial struggles! There are sooooooo many ways you can be involved!

You can help by....

1) You can start by joining my 100% Black Owned Business directory & telling all the 100% BOB’s you know about to join as well.

2) You can join my personal team of entrepreneurs who offer products and services that can help my business grow and introduce me to other BOB’s that can help as well.

3) You can join my Free BOB promo train where share products & services with one another & promote each other for FREE, more details will be posted in future blog so subscribe now!

4) You can donate as often as you can, to help me continue to build for our new market.

5) You can share ideas with me on other things we can do to help our people grow.


History says the haters are going to hate and recent history says, they ain’t never stopped! They are very actively showing us that they want to stop us from being to connect and build with one another online. So it’s SUPER important we move quickly and make theses connections before it’s too late! DO NOT wait!!! Join the directory & let’s start taking these relationships offline. #LETSGO!!!

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