The Black Codes Explained

Our communities were torn down using divide & conquer strategies, so the simple fix is to unite & reclaim.

Unity has no skin shade, no hair texture, no weight, no gender, no age and no geography.

Our oppressors treat all Blacks the same GLOBALLY, so we should do the same!

The Black Codes were designed to bring Black People back to our old traditions, that allowed us to have strong thriving Black communities.

We did this by operating as a family.

A family protects, supports, forgives, loves, provides, shares, gives, grows, communicates, participates and builds for each other. Though we all come in different shapes and sizes there's one thing we all have in common....

Before we even knew if we'd be a Boy or Girl our parents knew we'd be Black.

This is a HUGE blessing! As the original people, with the highest population worldwide, committing to The Black Codes will be our easiest way out of poverty!

How will The Black Codes help us Spiritually, Physically and Financially?


Putting our culture first means we will be respecting the hard word of our ancestors, our traditions, our styles and our ethics. As spiritual beings, this will naturally bring us closer to The Most High. Also, connecting with Black Entrepreneurs, will put us in the faces of the strongest spiritual warriors there is! Most of which already know how to use their God given magical powers.


The Black Codes provides us the greatest physical security because no matter where we are in the world we can always count on our brothers and sister to have our backs, and with the strength of our numbers.... trust me, no one will want to mess with us - no guns needed!!! Just take a look at the way we regulate rules and laws everyday simply using our unity through our voices!

Then theres also food... Well whose going to feed us better than us? I mean excluding the fact that we make the best food in the entire world... That love we put in, cant be matched by anyone else! Not only do we now know which foods The Most High designed specifically for The African Biology thanks to Dr. Sebi. We also know that like us, The Most High gave these foods magical healing properties!!! Best part tho, we now know how to make those magical foods taste just as good as we made the western garbage white people gave us to eat for that last 400 years! #AlkalizeYourCulture


By practicing group economics The Black Code will allow us to pocket the Trillions of dollars we spent annually supporting Non Black businesses, completely securing our financial status.

All we have to do is become a member of

Now this is a family effort and we need all hands in to get one another on code. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE both the post and link with our entire family!

***If you have a 100% Black Owned Business that offers Spiritual, Physical or Financial Healing for our family, join Mama's Team today!***

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