How to enjoy Internal Spa Treatments?

What are Internal Spa Treatments?

Internal Spa Treatments are using different techniques to pamper your body internally.

Deep breathing, singing, humming, meditation and reading are some great forms of Internal Spa Treatments. However, Internal Spa Treatment also includes, using high quality Alkaline herbs to pamper and strengthen your organs with minerals that will remove toxins. These herbs can be used for baths, aromatherapy, steamed, smoked, put into veggie capsules, eaten, made into herbal teas or other drinks and more!!!

No matter the style of Internal Spa Treatments you’re enjoying, it’s all about indulging in self-care in the sexiest way possible! It is important to cleanse your body in a way that is as relaxing, as sipping an Alkaline Roots Cocktail during your bubble bath.

How to enjoy an Internal Spa Treatment?

It’s ideal to enjoy multiple Internal Spa Treatments at a time.

A perfect day of Internal Spa Treatments would start with, enjoying a delicious Alkaline tea, then munching on my fav Alkaline fruits like seeded grapes and throughout the day I would enjoy some delicious AlkalineMama Eats (which you could look forward to learning more about in a future blog).

After a long day what’s better than a relaxing bath??

First I’ll start with brewing about 1/3 of a bag of my Alkaline Herbal Bath Treatment in one pot and about ¼ of my Alkaline Yoni Steam in another, both in about 8-16 oz water each. Now it’s time to pump up the volume of my fav tunes, turn on my Himalayan salt lamp, my air purifier, burn my aromatherapy oil blends & some sage.

Then I’ll throw my Alkaline Yoni Steam into the freezer to speed up its cooling time.

As my water runs, I’ll add in my Alkaline Bubble Bath (no worries that recipe is coming soon

) and pour in my Alkaline Bath Treatment + some Sea Salt. Once the bath is finished I’ll transfer the Yoni Steam into my reusable silicone douche, with my Alkaline Yoni Oil and set aside until after my bath. Now that the bath water is ready, I’ll go ahead and throw the rest of the pack of my Alkaline Herbal Bath Treatment into the water for décor & additional nutrients. Baaaaaaaaaaaaath Time!!! Never forget to grab that bottle of Alkaline Roots before you hop in! Its soooo soothing and I always enjoy mine inside of a LARGE wine glass, haha. I like my bath a bit steamy so I can enjoy some deep breathing exercises as I meditate, you could use a humidifier too if you don’t like the water hot. Reading or doing a puzzle would be a great brain treatment in this setting as well & it makes you feel extra sexy!

After my bath I’ll go ahead and douche then take a quick shower. Then I’ll do the usual before bed routines, pray and hit the hay!

See? We make a big deal about self-care all the time but we subconsciously love that ish! Make that time for yourself and enjoy as many Internal Spa Treatments in a day, as often as you can!

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