Black Trillionaire Contest

Download The beat "United We Stand" by @BlayzeBeats here

Reparations aren't optional!! They're owed and will be paid in gold, one lump sum, in divine timing, as per The Most High's request! The only way this will not happen is if we allowed it to be that way... and I don't know about you but ummmmm 17 Trillion dollars is NOT the type of money someone can owe me and not pay up!!! Y'all see my car, mama need a new pair of shoes! Okurrrr!

Not a single excuse not to pay us in full will be accepted just like a request not to work on the plantation was NOT accepted by my ancestors!!!!

Everyone else has been awarded their reparations because they stood up and were persistent! That is what we have to do as well to get our money!

The government going bankrupt is simply not my business and based on what we've seen in recent history it just seems like divine timing that we get a new government anyway!

Of course they will try any and everything not to pay us, most of you may have noticed by now they have shadow banned or even deleted profiles of people like me whom are actively trying to help to heal the African community from our spiritual, physical, emotional and financial distress. So it is super important that we use the strength in our numbers to share share share any and all positive messages that will help get this message out that we are getting our reparations! 1 person with 30k followers on IG is nothing in comparison to 30k people sharing the same posts! That right there fam is the unity that will change the conditions for our families forever!

So lets ride and do whatever we gotta do to get this money, in honor of our ancestors and with love for our families.

Xoxo AlkalineMama

Speacial Shoutouts to everyone who helped to make this vision come true!

My amazing models my dad & beautiful daughter, Tisha of Greedi Vegan for the delicious meal & allowing us to shoot at Greedi Kitchen, BlayzeBeats for this amazing beat that the most high saved just for this moment, "United We Stand!" and for being so supportive through it all, Lee of Major Expressions for the gorgeous pieces I was lucky enough to wear for the shoot, James Bourne for the countless trips to catch the perfect scenes, My brother Kevin for becoming a videographer for a day haha, Brother Rojo for being supportive, IBM Beauty for allowing us to film in their store and the amazing African vendor from Jamaica ave by Chipotle for allowing us to shoot while you were just trying to take your call in piece lolol. What a journey, cant wait to see what our creative family comes up with for what we doing with these Trillions!

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