AlkalineMama Detox Kit Daily Regimen

The AlkalineMama Detox Kit is a full body cleanser that will help you to reverse ANY disease. Yes, you heard me right! Together with following The Alkaline lifestyle, The AlkalineMama Detox Kit can help you reverse ANY illnesses within the body!

Now, I know you're probably thinking.... Girl bye! How is that even possible? Well, here's why...

As you may know The Late Great Herbalist Dr. Sebi was able to prove in The U.S. Supreme Court that there is actually only one disease known to man.

That disease being mucus.

When harmful acidic toxins enter the body mucus is formed to protect the body from being damaged.

Unfortunately though, we have been exposed to so many toxins that our body is producing more mucus than whats natural, and now the mucus itself is causing damage to the body.

The various names for diseases simply let us know where the mucus has been trapped in the individuals body. For example, Asthma is simply mucus stuck in the lungs.

Now, considering there is only one disease, there is also only one cure.

The cure to ALL diseases to return your body to it's natural Alkaline state, by eliminating the mucus from the body. You can check out my Alkaline Cleansing Plans blog post, where I share some of the various ways you can go about removing the mucus from your body.

Since there is only one disease and only one cure, I decided to create one simple detox that will help you to get that mucus monster out your body as quickly as possible!

The AlkalineMama Detox Kit explained:

The AM Capsules - detoxes your upper respiratory and gives you all your daily minerals!

The PM Capsules - focuses on detoxing the colon and killing parasites.

The God and Goddess Strength tonics - detoxes your reproductive organs, while strengthening and repairing them at the same time!

The Moss Boss - our Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss, to decalcify the body remove toxins.

Our Alkaline Roots Tea Blend -for you to enjoy twice daily yo help soften the mucus monster, making it easier to destroy!


Some Tamarind paste - for you to enjoy as a drink or in your tea, to provide you with lots of energy and help to kill your sweet tooth!

AlkalineMama Detox Kit Daily Regimen:

Upon rising have a glass of Spring water, then take 3 AM Capsules. 

Enjoy a hot glass of Alkaline Roots Tea with Alkaline fruits to break-fast.

Midday have a lovely Moss Boss Smoothie with berries and/or nuts, with your Alkaline lunch.

Get your Alkaline dinner in before 8pm with a refreshing glass of your home made tamarind juice! :)

Then take your 3 PM Capsules and enjoy another cup of hot Alkaline Roots Tea.


  • Be sure to drink a full gallon of Spring water daily. (Not Alkaline water, Spring water - with a NATURALLY Alkaline PH)

  • AM/PM Capsules can be taken any time of day.

  • If you forget to take your AM/PM capsules you can double up the next go round.

  • The AM/PM Capsules and God/Goddess Strength tonics will finish before you complete your full detox. However, the cleansing power of the herbs will continue to heal your body for 14 days. So please continue your cleansing regimen.

  • You can check out Mama's Blog to choose the best cleansing style for you.

  • While cleansing you WILL frequent the bathroom. This is how your body removes toxins... Time how quickly you go after a drink or meal to control bowel movements.

  • You can check out Mama's Blog to choose the best cleansing style for you.

  • Be sure to take before and after pics as well as journal your experience for your personal record.

  • Be kind with yourself, you've already taken the first step! Enjoy your process & grow!

  • If you have any questions feel free to ask!

The AlkalineMama Detoxing Method

My method is pretty simple. Get as many Alkaline herbs and minerals in as you possibly can so that the good will drop kick the bad out the body!

When making the AlkalineMama Detox Kit I hand picked some of the best Alkaline herbs that I've used and made sure to add herbs that addressed ALL areas of the body, so that the little mucus monster wouldn't be able to hide anywhere in your body while my herbs attack!

Again, the name of the game is "add AS MANY Alkaline herbs and minerals in as you possibly can" so please, feel to include additional Alkaline herbs that can be found in the AlkalineMama Eats Food Guide to your regimen to target the specific area's in the body that you may want to heal.

You can also feel free to double or even triple up on the herbs provided within the AlkalineMama Detox Kit if you want to, because like Dr. Sebi says "You can not over dose on these herbs, they're food, not medicine.

If you're very ill and are not sure about what to do and would like a consultation so we can tailor a special regimen for you, you can schedule it here. The consultation cost includes all the benefits of the Guided Detox, without any additional consultation fee! :)

Now, not only was it important for me to choose the best Alkaline herbs for you to cleanse, but so that you could have the most effective cleanse ever! I invented a method called Internal Spa Treatments, which teaches you how to aid your body in the healing process. This includes various techniques that will help you to get your mind right and set the mood for one of the sexiest cleansing experiences you've ever had! So, I mean, why not enjoy that experience while sipping on some Alkaline Roots Herbal Cocktails? :)

When you take advantage of my Pampered Detox I give you all the tools you need to kick back and relax while you cleanse, preparing your body to look and feel its best!

AlkalineMama Detox Kit Recipes:

The Moss Boss's Bath Time!

Submerge The Moss Boss in Spring water then allow to sock for 5mins.

Then, vigorously wash it with your hands moving around in the water to get the sand off.

Remove The Moss Boss from the water and dump the dirty water.

Submerge The Moss Boss in fresh Spring Water again, being sure to cover all of it with the water.

Then allow to soak for a few hours or over night to soften. If you're in a rush you can also boil The Moss Boss instead, to speed up the process.

Now that your Moss Boss is so fresh and so clean clean, you can eat it!

If you missed the fried Moss Boss recipe I shared before, no worries I will be sharing it in future blogs! The Moss Boss can also be turned into a gel that you can use for various things, check out that recipe below.

The Moss Boss gel

Once washed you can take The Moss Boss to your blender and give him and nice little spin to make gel!

Simply add double the amount of Spring water to The Moss Boss ratio into the blender and allow to blend until you no longer see any clumps.

You can add less water for a thicker consistency or more if you don't want it to solidify.

Once done, store in your fridge for upto a month, or until it smells bad/starts to mold....

Now, I'll be real and say early into my Alkaline journey was the only time I was crazy enough to allow The Moss Boss to sit in my fridge for any period of time, and that baby lasted MONTHS! I wouldn't dare try that again now to give y'all a more accurate expiration date though... because, my and my baby adore the stuff and use it for every frackernackle thing, so it never lasts more than a week!! :(, I'm so sorry my love!!! But trust me, once you start feeling its benefits you will understand where I am coming from!!!!

The Moss Boss gel can be used for various things like boosting up the health benefits of your smoothies, adding a rise to your baked goods and to beautify that Alkaline body, enhancing the beauty of your hair skin and nails!!!! :))))

No worries fam, I will be sharing more recipes in future blogs for this as well.

The Moss Boss Drank

2 TBSP of The Moss Boss

1 handful of ALkaline Nuts of your choice, walnuts is my go to.


1/4 cup of hemp seeds

2 dates (optional)

Agave to taste

Tamarind Juice

Single serve:

Boil about 1/2 TBSP of your Tamarind Paste in 16 oz of water.

Allow to cool then blend it with 1/2 a Key Lime,

Add agave to taste.

Then strain.

You can also skip the boiling step when rushing, but it does help to soften the tamarind and get more of the paste into your drink.

14 or 30day Detox:

Its best to make a weekly or bi-weekly batch to avoid spoiling.

Boil the 1/2 or 1/4 of your Tamarind paste in 1 or 1/2 or gallon of water.

Allow to cool then blend it with 3-6 Key Limes,

Add Agave to taste.

Then strain.

Tamarind Tea:

Simply add a piece of the Tamarind Paste to your Alkaline Roots Tea before boiling.

For the 30day AlkalineMama Detox Kit I would use about 1/4 of the Tamarind Paste per week.

Alkaline Roots Tea

Take 2 TBPS of your Alkaline Roots Tea and Boil it in 18oz of Spring Water for 5mins, seep for 15 mins.

Strain the herbs from the tea then repeat process 2 more times.

You will repeat this process for one last time , however... this time you will use 1/2 the amount of water and allow to boil and seep for double the time.

Add to a large jar or gallon.

This yields about 56 oz of Alkaline Roots Tea.

The Punisher

Now we all know we been eating crap for many years, and we got parasites up the ying yang! We'll, it's about that time we both get some discipline!! This isn't going to be fun for neither of you, but unlike those parasites you will be left feeling amazing!

Take 3 capsules of the PM Capsules from your AlkalineMama Detox Kit and boil it in 4oz of Spring Water. Boil until about 1oz of water is left (about 5mins but keep an eye on it).

Allow to cool then take it as a shot!

I usually have a chaser like my Alkaline Roots Mango Mimosa on deck because whew chile its gross! Lol.

You can also try using Key Lime, but I haven't tried this yet to say if it'll work or not... but whatever you do just make sure its Alkaline!!! & TRUST ME, you are going to need it!

WARNING: Your house will smell terrible making this, so if you live with others i'd advisee warning them before making it or doing it when no one is home. It would also be great to sage the home after to get rid of the smell.

Now, don't even think about having something to do upon rising the next day because The Punisher will have those parasite existing through the back door faster than you could hold them in! Hahaaa!

I highly recommend waking up early and drinking some spring water so that you can be more in control of when you release! (Keep drinking until it comes out)

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