Alkaline Roots Benefits

Alkaline Roots is filled with over 20 Alkaline, 100% Dr Sebi Approved herbs and spices that can all be found in my AlkalineMama Eats Food Guide.

It includes herbs like Burdock, Yellow Dock, Sarsaparilla, Nettle and Elderberry making it a high powdered full body cleanser!

BUT it's benefits doesn't stop here!!!

Even though Alkaline Roots does not contain any alcohol, beer or other toxic hybrid products. It will give you the perfect buzz you're looking for after a long day or when you're looking to party!!!

I used my bartender experience to invent Alkaline Cocktails that taste just like the ones we used to drink but these will ONLY leave you feeling nice! #TeamNoHangovers!!!!

The Alkaline Roots Strawberry Daiquiri may be my personal fav but the Alkaline Roots Mango Mimosa never lasts a parties! However, the Green Goddess Cocktail is a classic because I mean, who wouldn't want to be getting lit sipping on Kale ! Hahaha! Don't sleep fam! Trust me I know how to makes da greens taste good! Okaaay!

No worries though, you don't have to fight over which flavor is best though when you invest in my Alkaline Roots Juice Plan! I will have all 3 flavors of my Alkaline Roots Herbal Cocktails shipped straight to your door! So you can feel sexy while you cleanse and enjoy your Internal Spa Treatments!

Since they're all shipped out virgin, I do infuse them with my Alkaline Roots Tea Blend, so you're not missing out on the key health benefits from our Alkaline Roots!

Yea... I am so sorry fam, but I wouldn't recommend drinking Alkaline Roots itself while cleansing/fasting, since your body is in such a fragile state. But! You KNOW I gotta throw in a lil something something for you to enjoy when you get to the finish line on your cleanse! :)

YUP! That's right! I'm sending you a FREEEEE bottle of Alkaline Roots to celebrate your cleanse!!! #TurnUP #TurnUP!

Now sign up for your 30 day Alkaline Roots Cocktail Detox and grab you a case of Alkaline Roots today!

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