15 Steps to Manifesting Financial Success

So as ya'll already know in this beautiful Hu$$le Month, we have the official Nispey Hu$$le Day!!!!!!

It could NOT be August 15th and I not do something special to financially uplift our people!!!! :)

As much as I think its super cool that The Most High made Nip and I similar in a way that we both recognize that the key to uplifting our people is to simply heal our hoods spiritually, physically and financially, by practicing Group Economics. I wanted to specifically highlight the financial healing because well... we're honoring Nipsey HU$$LE for crying out loud! Lolol But also because once we our Financial freedom opens up the opportunity for both Spiritual and Physical healing as well.

You see, in order for us to become financially FREE we would have to provide all of the daily essentials a person or business would need to survive. This demand for independence has opened up a brand new market for Black Entrepreneurs to feed each other families.

Which also puts us in a place where we are in control of our own food supply and can ensure our families are enjoying the best quality of foods. Better quality of foods will automatically put us in a great space physically, However, when you combine that with eating foods Mother Nature designed specifically for the African Biology, by following Dr Sebi's proven Nutritional Guide to African healing. You remove the 400 years worth of toxins we've endured consuming the western diet. This will help you to reverse any diseases those foods may have caused you over the years as well.

Luckily though, the best part is that once your body is in tune with eating the foods our beloved Mother Nature designed specifically for us you tend to also gain back powers you were taught were impossible for a person to have and those very powers connect with with your spirit. Your spirit is what connects you to Mother Nature aka The Most High and that's what'll set you free from all systems of oppression.

Please enjoy these amazing financial tips you can implement, that together with consistency will help you to manifest financial freedom within no time and share them with everyone you know!

15 Steps to Manifesting Financial Success

1) Start a spiritual journal and write down your intention, goal and create a plan!

2) Educate yourself on topics that will help you further reach your goal.

3) Turn your plan into action by creating a schedule that will help you reach these goals.

4) Give offerings to the ancestors as they will be the ones helping you to reach your goals.

5) Create a sacred space with positive energy, using sage and prayer.

6) Invest in a crystal with financial healing properties like Citrine.

7) Pray with clarity over your sacred space and alter, being very specific about what it is that you want/need.

8) Meditate.

9) Visualize reaching your goal daily and walk with confidence that it will happen.

10) Turn negative thoughts positive by stopping the thoughts in their tracks and finding a better way to put it.

11) Work towards your goal daily.

12) Hu$$le!!!!

13) Keep a financial journal to track your spending.

14) Support 100% Black Owned Businesses, build relationships so they will organically support as well.

15) Create a FREE business profile on our 100% Black Owned Business directory - CertifiedBOB.com, so you can find new customers, network and support Black Businesses!

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