Alkaline Body Essentials

"Pamper yourself with Internal Spa Treatments"

- AlkalineMama

Internal Spa Treatments is all about cleansing in the most

effective, fun and sexy way possible!

To simplify things so you can focus on pampering yourself, I have designed my Alkaline Cleansing Packages, to provide you with a deep Intracellular Cleanse using my AlkalineMama Detox Kit and

Alkaline Roots Cocktail Detox Plans! 

HealThy Self

The AlkalineMama Detox Kit


Our  AlkalineMama Detox Kit

is a total body cleanse that includes 6 products

and will last you 30 days.

The AM Capsules detoxes your upper respiratory and gives you all your daily minerals!

The PM Capsules focuses on detoxing the colon and killing parasites.


The God and Goddess Strength tonics detoxes your reproductive organs, while strengthening and repairing them at the same time!

The Moss Boss, our Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss, to decalcify the body remove toxins.

Our Alkaline Roots Tea blend for you to enjoy twice daily yo help soften the mucus monster, making it easier to destroy!


Some Tamarind paste, for you to enjoy as a drink or tea, to provide you with lots of energy as well as help

 to kill your sweet tooth!

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Alkaline Parents

Internal Spa

Healthy Kids start with

a   healthy you!


Prepare for your new family, grab our

Alkaline God/GoddessTonics & Alkaline Prenatal's today!

With all the the nasties 

they're exposed to,

kids need  cleansing too!

Order our Alkaline Kids

Mini Moss Boss gel today!

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